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Welcome to Hammers & Nails

Come and relax away from the stress of the real world, grab a drink or a snack in the comfort of the front parlor Have a conversation with those around you and enjoy. Take a step behind the curtain and enjoy a more physical and mental release at one of our 15 stations set up in our dungeon. Don’t feel like playing, you can always take a step back and enjoy the show from a few feet away. For those that find interest in this, this is the place for you We hope to see you there soon. Fill out an application and let the fun begin

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Upcoming Events

Every Friday from 8 pm til 4 am. The dungeon is always open to all Lifestylers.


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Every Saturday from 8 pm til 4 am. The dungeon is always open to all lifestylers.


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Understanding the different needs of different individuals is very necessary and we take pride in the fact that we offer the most satisfying service to all our clients.

Have a look at our club gallery to get an idea about the kind of pleasure and satisfaction you can expect from us. You will be simply amazed.

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